• Al Baltierra

Thank you 2018

My biggest breakthrough of 2018 was finally choosing a path and a goal for my life and taking the necessary steps to gain the knowledge and skill-set I will need. I've always made helping people a priority early on in life and wanted to help as much as I could. 

I was Active duty US Army, after my first deployment to Afghanistan in 2002 I realized how hard life truly is for some people and it gave me a better view and appreciation on life. I would try my hardest to positively effect the people around me as best I could. That made me happy but not fulfilled, I thought in my head that to be as impactfull as lets say a Tony Robbins was impossible for someone like me and I should just keep doing what I am doing because how could I make a living helping others? 

Well 2018 changed my entire view point and mindset! I attended a conference in Hollywood during the summer called Passions to Profits with the only goal of supporting my mentor and my friend Kayvon Kay (The One Call Closer) (if you don't know who he is, please do yourself a favor and find out or ask me!) but what I ended finding without being too dramatic was my calling. I saw a lady go on stage and for about an hour give a presentation on Mindset, motivation and well-being. I was blown away, I never heard of her and she isn't very well known but none the less there she was, kicking ass on stage and effecting peoples lives in a huge way! I thought to myself "self, you can do this and do it better" (not to say she wasn't good, she was great it's just my competitive nature) Later that day I spoke with her and really got to know her and I found out this is what she does for a living and makes a damn good living doing it! I was blown away that something like this was even possible. 

I let that simmer in my head for a few months till I attended the Tony Robbins event UPW (a goal of mine for many years to see Tony in person and it was everything I thought it would be) during that event my thoughts exploded and my eyes opened and I realized this is what I want in life, to be on that stage, to be helping those in need, to make my voice and life something of value and to show people nothing is impossible! 

**Side note, I deal with constant depression and suicidal thoughts (more than I care to admit) I've been diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar Depression with a side of Mood disorder. I say that to say this, I know what its like to battle with the Demons and at times they win battles but I will never let them win the War! I've lost too many friends, team mates and loved ones to their demons and I had enough of not doing enough! I am a fighter and I want to help others fight! We may never fully win but we will never give up!** 

That's when I realized what my calling was, to help others on a level I thought was unobtainable, now I understand nothing is unobtainable. So thank you 2018, with all the bad (and trust me there was a lot of bad) you gave me a purpose, drive and direction!      

2019, I welcome you with an open heart, mind and arms. This is only the start of my amazing journey.

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